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solution focussed inquiry, training and evaluation

asset based work with young people

Work with young people has included work on sexual health, bullying and running a research skills course for 8-12 years olds. She is co-author of the Public Health Development Agency Resource 'Positive Participation: Consulting and involving young people in health related work.' [Download document PDF 5.7Mb] She can deliver training, advice on planning and developing research with young people or undertake projects for and/ or with you.

A teacher on a Positive Participation dissemination course facilitated by Judith said of the course and Judith:

Spot on. Sharing of very useful ideas. Practical ways forward . . . Relaxed and articulate, inducing an unintimidating ambience, Judith, you're a gem . . . The grey has been lifted, some light has been shed at the end of the tunnel. I can now move forward with enthusiasm and hope.

Owen Roberts, Outreach Manager at Brook Manchester/Central Manchester PCT says:

I was fortunate enough to work with Judith on an evaluation project of a school-based sex and relationships education programme. This was a consultation exercise with young people designed to obtain their views on SRE generally and the effectiveness of the programme particularly. Judith facilitated the groups with grace, respect and subtle rigour: grace in the ease with which she related to the young people; respect in her careful acknowledgement of their insight and opinions; subtle rigour in the understated manner with which she maintained the groups' focus.