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solution focussed inquiry, training and evaluation

asset based diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion issues are integrated into all Judith's work. She also has specific experience, both national and international. For example, she has worked with a team at Salford University evaluating transformational change in health services for black and minority ethnic communities in Central Manchester. She has also developed North West regional guidelines for health services for disabled people with physical and sensory impairments. From 1999 -2003, while working at Manchester University, she co-ordinated a link and distance learning Masters programme in Zambia.

Judith came to Chainama College of Health Sciences in Zambia to work with the Masters in Education for Primary Health Care programme under the University of Manchester. It did not take me long to recognise what a good choice Judith was for the programme. She provided opportunities for both College staff members and students to learn from her while respecting their culture and beliefs as well as using the same opportunity to learn and understand the environment she was working in. She is creative and takes good care to ensure adaptation of what she is teaching to the realities of life in a particular environment. For Chainama College of Health Sciences in general and myself in particular, Judith continues to be an asset for the development of Zambia.

Lonia Mwape Magolo, Acting Director, Chainama College of Health Sciences, Zambia.