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solution focussed inquiry,training and evaluation

asset based training

Judith offers training as part of planning an inquiry or as stand alone courses. She has developed a one day course ‘I want to hear your story . . .’ Building connections from what works: an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry. Every time it is run it is adapted to ensure local relevance. Judith prefers to develop courses with someone from a local agency who can take forward new approaches with participants. This happened on a course run in Gateshead in December 2010. Participants included staff from a day centre who were looking for ways to engage with users about getting involved in activities outside the day centre. Gateshead Council were delighted with the outcomes for staff and users.

The difference that understanding and using asset based and appreciative methods in day services has been substantial for staff and service users alike. Staff members reported much higher levels of motivation and teamwork, they felt like they were really making a difference. The service users involved have also benefitted and are still chosing to take up informal activities in their local communities rather than coming into the day centre.

After attending the course, staff at the day centre developed a pilot project which works with users skills and aspirations, 'E' got involved and has shown a huge increase in confidence. He has moderate learning disabilities and has used a formal day service for around 30 years. Since being involved in the new project, he has participated in several community activities including a bowling club and a community garden. E has built relationships with others involved in these activities and now has the confidence to walk unacompanied to both whenever he choses. During an event to publicise the benefits of the project, E stood up and spoke to the audience about how great he thought it had been - something he would never have done previously.

Jayne Norwood, Programme Lead - Health Improvement Capacity Building, Gateshead Council